BB Drone Service Ltd exists to provide commercial & domestic clients with drone photography, surveying and security services. Combined with over 30 years experience in policing and security our team are able to offer you a truly unique products, along side your conventional drone services. We pride ourselves in our professionalism, first grade products and customer support. 

BB Drone Services Ltd - Four Targets

Drones can make it:




Your safety and/or the safety of the people that work for you should be your number one priority. Using drones to fulfil a task or deliver a product can bring that extra level of safety. No ladders required, no working at height, no subjecting a person to dangerous scenarios as well as many more benefits to safety. Ask yourself is a drone the safest way forward?




We live in an age where time is a precious commodity, and we can always do with saving it where we can. Drone services can do just that for you, your company or someone else. Drones can reduce the amount of time it takes to conduct a survey by up to 50%. They can negate the need to build any form of structure (for example scaffolding) prior to capturing data or images, etc and Drones can capture detailed information within seconds.



Who would not take the opportunity to save money and reduce expenses, but still receive the save high quality service or product? Drone services not only save time, which is money, they reduce the cost associated with many different products and services. In many instances you can even receive a far superior product for your investment than by conventional means.



BB Drone Service Ltd aims to deliver you with top quality and professional products / services every time. We want you to be so pleased with the service your receive that we are your only consideration for all your future drone service needs.  

If a drone can save you time, save you money or make things safer, maybe even all of the above why would you not pick this as an option for your requirements. When you say yes to using a drone, BB Drone Service Ltd is here for you.  

Brendan Beckerton
Brendan Beckerton
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Absolutely superb service! I met with a man named Andy who arrived on time and wasted no time in getting to work. Seeing their amazing drones in action was superb and definitely worth every penny. Will be hiring again. 10/10 recommended.