2D & 3D Mapping

Using a drone for 2D & 3D Mapping

Until recently, the only way to get highly accurate and high resolution photogrammetric aerial maps was to fly the area of interest with a manned aircraft. But the arrival of advanced drone technology capabilities in the last few years has made high quality aerial maps available for a multitude of people and industries at a fraction of the previous cost.

Our 2D and 3D mapping service drones can map large areas quickly and inexpensively and provide data that helps production maps in a variety of mapping, surveying and other commercial settings. Because the images our drone captures for mapping are so detailed and accurate, they can be used to measure real distances for survey and comparative analysis over time.

The overlapping 2D geo-referenced aerial images are stitched together and using this information, combined with additional images taken at 30° and 45° angles, the software can also produce a 3D models. This means the map can be viewed from any side or orientation.

Depending on your drone 2D or 3D mapping requirements, we use industry standard drone mapping software to build 2D photo-mosaics and 3D Digital Surface Models. We can provide you with output in various file formats.

Why use BB Drone Services Ltd?

As technology advances, drones are becoming more widely available and as such the consumer will be faced with a wide range of options. It is important though to hire a commercially trained remote drone pilot who will have a commercial licence, insurance and the skill to provide the best quality results whilst maintaining the appropriate safety rules (please read our safety page).

BB Drone Service Ltd always ensures that each one of its clients receives a high professional and valuable level of service. We are here to save you time, save you money, make it safer and provide a superior product.

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