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Not Just a Toy

“Developments in drone technology have seen drone change from simple toys to the must have tool in the modern world.”

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Saving You Money

“A report from accountancy giants PricewaterhouseCoopers estimates that drones will eventually save UK firms £16 billion a year.”

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Award Winning

Andy Blake, Director / Remote Drone Operator for BB Drone Services Ltd has been awarded the Coptrz Con 2021 People Choice Award.

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New Drone Day

The day has finally come…… Yesterday the day we were waiting finally came. BB Drone Services Ltd took delivery of the latest drone to be

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Business promotion

The end is in sight……. With lockdown easing slowly in the United Kingdom and a normal way of life within reaching distance, businesses that had

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Discreet Mode
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Keeping Your Data Safe

“Your security is important to us” Discreet Mode We all want to ensure that our personal and company information is kept safe, out of the

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Game Changing Technology

Welcoming a new drone to our fleet BB Drone Services Ltd targets to supply Superior Products to its clients. One way we are able to

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