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Using a drone for Construction photography

Using a drone to help plan your construction project, track the progress of construction and to capture promotional content for your company is the perfect method for helping you achieve your business goals. Drones have revolutionised how construction information is obtained, providing a safe and quick method while at the same time providing superior quality data. By using a drone today can greatly improve accuracy and provide you with that vital detail you require for your construction project.   

We can assist with;

  • Building surveys.
  • Construction site inspections.
  • Health and safety induction content.
  • Maintenance inspections.
  • Project progress reports.
  • Promotional photography.
  • Virtual walk around.
  • Site logistics.


All presented in a bespoke report tailored to your needs.



Safer – Construction sites can be dangerous environments. BB Drone Services Ltd before attending any project will conduct a pre-site survey to ensure all safety, privacy and drone regulations are being adhered to and on site will verify this before operations can begin. All drone operation can be completed to limit interference with current construction activity by ensuring we keep safe separation. All BB Drone Service Ltd Remote Pilots will attend with all relevant personal protective equipment such as, Hi-Viz, hard hat, etc.


Faster – It takes but a minute to set up and launch a drone and you can get instant high-quality imagery and videography. Our fleet of drones can provide whole site shots from up to 120m in altitude in an instant, allowing developers to see what cannot be visualised from the ground.


Cheaper – To achieve the same results as a drone can provide would require hiring a helicopter. An inherently expensive method of capturing aerial photography, videography, and data. A drone can achieve better results, as it can fly closer, for a fraction of the cost. We could also save you money during the planning or construction phases of a project by allowing you to potentially identify unforeseen issues invisible from the ground.


Superior –  Often property developments are of a size where the overall complete picture is not easy to visualise from the ground. BB Drone Service Ltd will provide clients with a complete picture showing the true extent of the property boundaries, land, car parks, and road access from the local area. In the case of new housing estates and commercial building developments our data will allow the owning companies to see many aspects of the development that cannot been seen from the ground like the overall state of the development, where there has been progress, where progress has been slow, what building materials are stored on site and the effect potentially on the local communities. Drone footage can then be used for by property developers for the complete building process from the initial planning proposals, through the main building phases and when complete we can provide you with that perfect marketing material.

Why use BB Drone Services Ltd?

As technology advances, drones are becoming more widely available and as such the consumer will be faced with a wide range of options. It is important though to hire a commercially trained remote drone pilot who will have a commercial licence, insurance and the skill to provide the best quality results whilst maintaining the appropriate safety rules (please read our safety page).

BB Drone Service Ltd always ensures that each one of its clients receives a high professional and valuable level of service. We are here to save you time, save you money, make it safer and provide a superior product.

If you would like to no more, please do not hesitate to contact our team. 

Additional Services

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