BB Drone Services Ltd – Goes Live

"We are so excited to bring you this new, unique and innovative company."

March 2021 has been a dream come true with the formation of BB Drone Services Ltd. A company designed to bring drone services to both commercial and domestic clients. A company that prides itself on its professionalism, expertise and good customer service. 

BB Drone Services Ltd has been formed by two directors who have between them serviced over 30 years in the Royal Air Force Police, specialising in Security and Crime Prevention. The idea for the company started as a little banter over a military standard (white & two sugars) brew, but quickly became a exciting prospect as a new career post military life. From there the directors set about acquiring Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) approved drone qualifications and gaining the knowledge required to run a successful drone business.


The directors decided to bring a unique field to the drone industry by combining their experience in security with the practice of drone surveying by creating the BB Drone Service Ltd Security Site Survey service. This service is new to the drone market and will provide true value to any company that uses the service. Along side this BB Drone Services Ltd offers other drone services. Conventional services such as Real Estate photography, Aerial Photography, Construction Site Surveys, Building / Roof Surveys and specialised services such as Thermal Surveys, Solar Surveys and 3D imagery.  

BB Drone Services Ltd operates market leading aircraft from DJI that are packed full of the most advanced technology. Meaning no matter the service you choose, you will high-resolution images and outstanding quality products. 

BB Drone Services Ltd has four targets when delivering its services. To save  its customers time, save them money, make the delivery of products safer and to provide superior products. To see what we have to offer you please browse our website. 

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