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"Developments in drone technology have seen drone change from simple toys to the must have tool in the modern world."

Many people believe drones are nothing but toys that can be purchased from places like Argos or Toys R Us (we all miss that place), also it is public perception that drones are used to cause nothing but trouble and invade personal privacy.

Drones over the years have received a lot of bad press in the media such as in 2018 when London Gatwick Airport was brought to a stand still by drone operators, which caused disruption to thousands of people and cost millions of pounds in damages and lost revenue. To as recently as June 2021 when a drone operator was detained by the Metropolitan Police for illegally flying a drone over the MI6 building in London, and that drone operator received a fine of just over £5200. This is the kind of bad press that the commercial drone industry are having to overcome to show the people how much drones can change the world.   

With the development of technology drones have been elevated far beyond there humble beginnings as toys for our children. They have become the must have tool in the modern world for photographers, surveyors, emergency services and more. They are also not a one trick pony, drones can be used in such vastly different ways to benefit many. In fact we are still discovering their true potential everyday as the drone industry develops.  


Whether it be aerial photography, wedding photography or other forms, drones are giving us a whole new perceptive of the world. Steadily drones are replacing traditional methods such as using helicopters or mechanical lifts which are expensive. Modern drones are equipped advanced cameras that are highly capable of capturing breath taking photography and video. 


With the development of high resolution cameras and thermal sensors, drones are now the fastest way of conducting most forms of survey and provide outstanding data. They are also capable of operating in environments to dangerous for people making them the must have tool for qualified surveyors. 

Media Industry:

If you are to watch the TV today or a new movie closely you will see scenes shot using a drone. Drones are now capable of capturing professional video footage that would not be out of place in Hollywood films. Having a drone and operator at your disposal is a must have tool for any film maker.   

Emergency Services:

The British emergency services have identified that drones can greatly improve their service to the population. The police are using them to track suspects of crime, the fire brigade are using them to locate the sources of fire and search & rescue teams are using them to search for lost people. Drones today are protecting the community and saving lives.   

Renewable Energy Industry:

Renewable energy sources are the future for our power consumption to ensure the longevity of our planet. An important part of running any form of renewable energy is regular inspections of the energy systems, such as solar panels and wind turbines. To do this physically is a time consuming and expensive process. Using a drone to carry out these inspections is not only cheaper and faster, but is safer. 

Security Industry:

The full potential of drones in the security industry is yet to be discovered. Trials and testing is being conducted to identify new ways that drones can be used to secure sensitive sites and expensive assets. But drones are already being used by the military and security firms to elevate security to a whole new level. 


And many more benifit from using drones as a tool……..

Security Drone

These unmanned aircrafts have the potential to change nearly every sector in economies around the world, but it is important that when hiring a drone operator to ensure that they are qualified and insured. A reputable drone operator will know all current regulations that have to be met, and will make sure safety precautions are followed at all times. At BB Drone Services Ltd these principles are instilled as part of out company target to be Cheaper, Faster, Safer and Superior.

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BB Drone Services Ltd could provide you with those professional drone services that will be safer, faster, cheaper and superior. Have a look at our website for details about our services and for more information on how we can help you, or contact us through the link below.   


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Drone tool

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