To ensure the safety of the public, property and our remote pilots on every operation and to guarantee that we can deliver a superior service / product for you every time, BB Drone Services Ltd conducts operational planning. The different stages of planning are catered to each client’s requirements and are as follows:

Pre-Site Survey:

The pre-site survey is a very important part of planning for any drone operation and is often overlooked by many remote drone pilots. Pre-site surveys are conducted by BB Drone Services Ltd from its office space based on the details that a client provides and open-source research into the operation area. It involves identifying:

  • Site topography.
  • Local hospital location for safety.
  • Air space category.
  • Any restrictions.
  • Obstructions or hazards to flying.
  • Obtaining appropriate authorisation.

Risk Assessment:

Safety is also a priority when conducting drone operations. BB Drone Services Ltd will produce a risk assessment for all projects prior to attending the site. Once on site if any further risks are identified then a dynamic risk assessment will be made and risk mitigations put in place. If any risks cannot be mitigated to an acceptable level then operations will be postponed or cancelled, BB Drone Services Ltd remote pilots always have the final say on safety.

On-Site Survey:

An on-site survey is effectively a repeat of the pre-site survey to ensure that all planning up to that point reflects the actual sight characteristics. Details can be missed or overlooked when conducting a pre-sight survey but will be picked up on when our remote pilots are physically on site.

Proof of Insurance:

Prior to any drone operation BB Drone Services Ltd will provide its client with proof of commercial drone insurance. This provides that level of assurance to any client that we are fully covered for the product / service that we are providing.

Crew / Customer Briefing:

Prior to flying any additional crew members and customers on site will be briefed appropriately about the drone operations. They will be provided with information on safety and the actions to take should an incident occur.

Remote Pilot Flight Safety Checks:

Before any flying commences BB Drone Service Ltd Remote Pilots will conduct an aircraft safety check to ensure that the drone(s) are airworthy and safe to fly. If any issues are identified the Remote Pilot will fix on site if possible or an alternative drone will be used. In the unlikely circumstances that a drone cannot be repaired and there is not an alternative drone available then the operation will be rescheduled. All Remote Pilots will also have with them additional safety equipment like high visibility clothing, fire extinguisher, fire blanket and first aid kit.