Real Estate

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Using a drone for Real Estate photography

Are you selling / letting your property or are you an estate agent acting on the behalf of a vendor / landlord and want to ensure that the property stands on the market? One way you can do that is by hiring a remote drone pilot to capture unique images and video of your property that will draw the attention of anyone walking past an estate agent window or anyone clicking through the market on the internet.

We all know the more views an advertisement receives the better chance of a sale. A drone can capture truly spectacular images and or clips of your property from its best angles, making it stand out and grab the attention of interested parties.



Faster – It takes but a minute to set up and launch a drone and you can get instant high-quality imagery and videography. Meaning you can have those stand out shots you are after for your property marketing.   


Cheaper – To achieve the same real estate photography results as a drone would require the use of a helicopter or hiring a mechanical lift. Both these methods are highly expensive and for most properties inappropriate. If you are selling / letting a small house or large mansion estate a drone is the most cost-effective way of capturing those eye-catching shot.      


Superior – All real estate operations will produce high-resolution images and / or video that is perfect for marketing your property. Images that will stand out amongst standard forms of real estate photography. It is our goal to make sure your estate agent video or internet advertisement grabs the attention of all that see it.   

Why use BB Drone Services Ltd?

As technology advances, drones are becoming more widely available and as such the consumer will be faced with a wide range of options. It is important though to hire a commercially trained remote drone pilot who will have a commercial licence, insurance and the skill to provide the best quality results whilst maintaining the appropriate safety rules (please read our safety page).

BB Drone Service Ltd always ensures that each one of its clients receives a high professional and valuable level of service. We are here to save you time, save you money, make it safer and provide a superior product.

If you would like to no more, please do not hesitate to contact our team. 


Basic Package

Real Estate Photography
£ 149
  • 5 professional edited photographs
  • All unedited raw images from the flight

Standard Package

Real Estate & Panoramic Photography
£ 199
  • Basic Package content included
  • Additional 10 professional edited photos
  • 360 panoramic picture
  • All unedited raw images from the flight

Video Package

Professional Video
£ 299
  • Professional edited video of your property
  • 10 edited photographs
  • All unedited raw images & video from the flight
  • BONUS - Free basic roof survey