Safety Information

Safety is Key!

All BB Drone Service Ltd pilots are fully trained to the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) remote drone operator standards and operate with £1 Million Public Liability Insurance. BB Drone Services Ltd also hold Operational Authorisation from the CAA for commercial drone operations. 

At all times safety is unequivocally paramount. There maybe occasions when the expected projects / operations cannot go ahead due to the weather or proximity of deemed hazards. The latter is normally determined with relative ease through an office-based pre-site survey, however, will still need to be confirmed on site. In all circumstances the Remote Pilot has the final say as to whether safety and if the operation must be postponed or cancelled.

CAA Approval

The CAA has strict rules and guidelines on the flying of drones and BB Drone Services Ltd adheres to these in all circumstances.

The general rules are:

> Permission must be gained from any landowner from which the drone takes off before operations can commence.

> There must be 50 metre separation by the drone from uninvolved people, not under control of Man with a Drone.

> There must be 30 metre separation by the drone during take-off and landing from uninvolved people not under the control the remote drone operator.

> Drones cannot fly in the vicinity of aerodromes or within controlled airspace without the appropriate permissions – these are obtained before commencement of the job when required.

> A drone cannot fly more than 400ft (120metres) from the surface in height

> All operations must maintain VLOS (visual line of sight).

> For groups of people over 1000 persons – a minimum of 150 metres distance from the drone must be maintained.

BB Drone Service Ltd are fully compliant with the following legislation:

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