Solar Survey

Using a drone for Solar Surveys

Today it is our duty to find and use as much renewable energy as possible to protect the planet we live on. The use of domestic solar panels and large solar farm installations are becoming more common across the UK to ensure we take full advantage of the suns energy. A single defective cell in a solar panel can dramatically reduce the efficiency of the panel. With the development of small high resolution thermal imaging cameras the quickest and most cost effective way to check the integrity of solar panels is  with the use of a drone and remote pilot. 



Safer – No need for an inspector to climb on a high roof or for someone to operate electric producing panels. Using a drone to conduct your solar survey is a safer method because the survey can be done from a distance and negates the need to shut down the main photovoltaic plant.


Faster – Manual inspection of solar cells is a time-consuming process  and in certain circumstances there is a need to halt power production to follow proper safety procedures. Both domestic clients and large solar farms can take benefit from using a drone to conduct a thermal survey of their solar cells, as it is a quick method of capturing data in a format that can be easily assessed.  


Cheaper – Having a solar energy inspector on site for a long period of time to conduct a manual survey can be very expensive. Using a solar thermal drone service will not only save you time but will save you money.  


Superior – Our DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Advance uses an integrated high-resolution thermal sensor, which supports spot meter and area measurement. The thermal sensor is capable of 16x zoom and has an accuracy of +2oC. This new and state of the art technology allows BB Drone Services Ltd to offer to top of the market services that many other companies cannot provide. 

Why use BB Drone Services Ltd?

As technology advances, drones are becoming more widely available and as such the consumer will be faced with a wide range of options. It is important though to hire a commercially trained remote drone pilot who will have a commercial licence, insurance and the skill to provide the best quality results whilst maintaining the appropriate safety rules (please read our safety page).

BB Drone Service Ltd always ensures that each one of its clients receives a high professional and valuable level of service. We are here to save you time, save you money, make it safer and provide a superior product.

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