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10 Benefits of Hiring Veterans

"Veterans of the British Armed Forces are highly valuable to any employer or hiring business."

It’s no secret that military veterans make excellent employees or hiring a ex-forces owned business leads to an excellent standard or service, but it’s often difficult for employers / clients to understand why. There are many reasons why veterans or hiring a ex-forces owned business would be a great fit for any company, some of which include being able to thrive under pressure, delivering against tight deadlines, and an ability to cope with change. There are many advantages of hiring veterans; here are just a few.

10 Reasons:

 1. High degree of professionalism – Military personnel through out there forces careers are expected to deliver the highest standard of professionalism in everything they do. This standard is instilled in all service personnel and vary rarely slips when hanging up their uniforms for the final time. Most military veterans will tell you that they pride themselves in being polite, approachable and highly professional.

2.Technology and globalization – Because of their experiences in the service, veterans are usually aware of international and technical trends pertinent to business and industry. They can bring the kind of global outlook and technological skills that all enterprises of any size need to succeed.

3. Triumph over adversity – In addition to dealing positively with the typical issues of personal maturity, veterans have frequently triumphed over great adversity. They will have proven themselves in mission critical situations demanding endurance, stamina, and flexibility. They will have overcome personal disabilities through strength and determination.

4. Integrity – Veterans know what it means to do “an honest day’s work.” Prospective employers / client’s can take advantage of a track record of integrity, often including security clearances. This integrity translates into qualities of sincerity and trustworthiness.

5. Leadership – The military trains people to lead by example as well as through direction, delegation, motivation, and inspiration. Veterans understand the practical ways to manage behaviors for results, even in the most trying circumstances. They also know the dynamics of leadership as part of both hierarchical and peer structures.

6. Respect for procedures – Veterans have gained a unique perspective on the value of accountability. They can grasp their place within an organizational framework, becoming responsible for subordinates’ actions to higher supervisory levels. They know how policies and procedures enable an organization to exist. This can include a good understanding of health & safety standards and good working practises.

7. Teamwork – Veterans understand how genuine teamwork grows out of a responsibility to one’s colleagues, employers or clients. Military duties involve a blend of individual and group productivity. They also necessitate a perception of how groups of all sizes relate to each other and an overarching objective. This skill is often deployed by military personnel in teamwork in multi agency objectives.

8. Efficient performance under pressure – Veterans understand the rigors of tight schedules and limited resources. They have developed the capacity to know how to accomplish priorities on time, in spite of tremendous stress. They know the critical importance of staying with a task until it is done right. Keeping your companies targets and goals on track.

9. Ability to see the bigger picture – It is not always obvious why some tasks and jobs are required. Military personnel through exposure to highly important operations develop the skill to see the big picture on why task are required. This is highly useful because it allows a unified effort towards the ultimate goal. 

10. Adaptability – All tasks and jobs often start out with set goals however, often unforeseen circumstances can lead to changes to goals or the need to adapt quickly. Veterans have routinely been exposed to volatile and unpredictable situations which leads to developing skills of adaptability. Being adaptable is a core value of most armed forces organisation which is a highly beneficial ability to clients / employees.      

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BB Drone Service Ltd - Veteran owned

BB Drone Service Ltd prides its sell in upholding all the standards and skills listed above. We will always maintain integrity, credibility and professionalism with our clients from start to finish with any work conducted and even beyond.

BB Drone Services Ltd has four goals that we bring to any client, they are to be:

Cheaper – save out clients money.

Faster – save out clients time or make current practices faster.

Safer – improve safety standards and prevent people being put at increased risk to complete as task. 

Superior – provide superior standard products to all our clients.  

Cheaper, Faster, Safer & Superior


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