"A report from accountancy giants PricewaterhouseCoopers estimates that drones will eventually save UK firms £16 billion a year."

Unfortunately drones have been the cause of bad press over the last few years, most notably the closure of Gatwick airport for three days in December 2018 which grounded 1000 flights and effected 140,000 passengers. The culprits of the bad press have been recreational operators who have showed a complete disregard for the regulations and safety of others. Sadly this bad publicity is something that qualified and professional drone operators need to overcome because the benefits that drones can bring to all sectors of business in the UK is astronomical. 

The positive impacts of drones needs to be highlighted much more. One positive impact being that drones can save British businesses money. In fact the Government published a report by the PWC that estimated that by 2030 drone use could save businesses £16 billion. Hearing figures as big as £16 billion makes adopting the use of drone services into to your business plan a no-brainer. 

The drone industry has developed very quickly to add value across a huge range of fields from media and photography to surveying and inspections. BB Drone Services Ltd is one of many professional drone businesses in the UK who offer its commercial and domestic customers drone services.

6 ways we can save you money:

1. Security saving

Security is extremely important for any business and is an area that companies can spend thousands on trying to protect what they have built, security methods which without professional advice could be ineffective. BB Drone Service Ltd has over 30 years security and crime prevention experience from service in the Royal Air Force Police. We have combined this experience with drones to bring you our unique Security Site Survey product which provides expert security advice to businesses. Providing recommendations on how to achieve your security goals, whilst staying within your budget. We can prevent you spending money on security measures that will not work.   

2. Non conventional methods

Using traditional methods for capturing aerial photography or conducting surveys brings with it a hefty expenses bill. Some of these traditional methods are using scaffolding, mechanical lifts, crane rigs and helicopter platforms, all methods we mimic, even improve on with a drone without the high cost. In addition to providing capturing methods cheaper than the comparable conventional methods, a drone is also a safer method as it limit human exposure to risk.    

3. Time is money

We have all heard of the saying “time is money”, a saying that is very true. We all lead busy lives in the 21 century and when we need a job doing, we need it done now so we can move on to make money or save money else where. Hiring a remote drone operator can save that time and save you that money as they can be setup, deployed and capture the required product / data very quickly. Far quicker than most conventional means of providing the same services. 

4. Early indication

The earlier you can identify an issue that requires attention, the cheaper it can be to rectify or it can prevent you losing earnings. Issues like damaged roof tiles, faulty solar panel cells and crop deterioration. Using drone services to identify such issues will provide highly detailed data which will allow you to plan your next move in a calculated and cost effective way. 


5. Saving your gas bill

Do you want reassurance on how economical and efficient your property is? Right now you might be heating your property and losing that heat immediately if the building does not have adequate insulation, which could be costing you in excess of £1245 per year. The quickest and most accurate way to measure how much heat your property is losing is buy using thermal imaging cameras to measure the leakage. With the advancement of drone technology these thermal cameras can now be mounted on a drone. This allows BB Drone Services Ltd who work with the latest technology to capture thermal data quickly, safely and in a cost effective manner. Data that can be used by you to focus your investments on the best efficiency measures for you property, ultimately keeping more of your cash in your pocket. 

6. Leading technology

Some people will say “why don’t I buy my own drone and do the job myself?” Well, BB Drone Services Ltd operates with the very latest drone technology which is far from the basic couple hundred pound consumer drones you can pick up from a high street shop. Our drones are not cheap, but that is because they are packed with the latest and greatest tech to bring you the highest quality professional images, video and data. On top of that our drone operators all hold professional drone pilots qualifications, are insured and are experienced to provide you with high value, safe and lawful drone services. 



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2 Responses

  1. What a great read. It makes so much sence to use drones instead of traditional methods if you can. You just need to think outside of the box a little bit.

    1. We must challenge the norm if we want to find better inventive ways to complete tasks. In this case by challenging conventional practises of completing projects and gathering data can save you a considerable amount of money.

      If you would ever like to know more Simon, please do not hesitate to contact us, we would be so happy to help you.

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